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How to clean the Bathtub

Print  2014/3/23 Click:997

Cool enjoyment to give time to maintenance is also, weekly bath cleaning is not the province for thepetty bourgeoisie, whether personally, or to find people do.

Under normal circumstances, the use of neutral detergent or soap and water cleansing bath is good,avoid using cleaning agent for ceramic tile or enamel surface, but it is the best cleaning once a week,to ensure that the bath after each use to keep dry. Clean the bathtub may use neutral liquid detergentand use good sponge or soft cloth.

Corrosive cleaning agents will stay in Yakeli surface damage, after each use Yakeli to thoroughly clean the surface, do not let the cleaning agent into the circulatory system; container that will not fill a long time in the bath crock surface liquid cleaning agent, also do not use spray or concentrate or other similar cleaning supplies. Don't leave the metal items in the bath tub, they make bath crock rusty and dirty surface. In addition, the use of soda powder to remove the effects of dirt is good.