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Dress up the bathroom small space bathroom cabinet key look at the material

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The material is the key
Bathroom is a daily Home Furnishing relatively damp space, consumers in the purchase of bathroom cabinet, not interested only for its beautiful appearance, but also pay attention to understand the surface material, the substrate and the material of all metal parts, try to choose the aluminum products, stainless steel or after curing treatment Yuju dedicated, so that moisture resistance properties guaranteed.
At present, the mainstream of the substrate selection of bathroom cabinet market is waterproof fiber board, waterproof performance is better than the ordinary fiber board, is the first high-grade bathroom cabinets. At the same time, in the purchase of hardware must comply with certain rules. Don't blind to see the styles in the purchase of hardware, but first of all to consider the style of the three piece bathroom bathtub, toilet, basin style matching, also had better want to coincide with the tap shape and its surface coating processing.
Secondly, because of the particularity of the bathroom environment, consumers in the purchase of bathroom hardware, choose the material is also very important. Currently on the market bathroom accessories supplies material quite rich, both copper plated plastic products, there are copper polishing products, more is chrome plated products, among which the most high-grade titanium alloy products.
Choose the trick
For ordinary families, the personage inside course of study suggested that the best choice of wall style bathroom cabinets, cabinets with wheels or legs higher, which would effectively isolate the ground moisture, so when the choose and buy to understand whether the selected metal pieces of stainless steel or after curing treatment bathroom cabinet special aluminum products.
At the same time, bathroom cabinet hardware surface coating can not be ignored, in chrome products, general product coating is 20 microns thick, a long time, the inside of the material susceptible to air oxidation, so as far as possible the selection of exquisite workmanship, coating is 28 microns thick chromium plated copper products, its structure is compact, uniform coating, good use effect.
In addition, closes the door to check the bathroom cabinets, best can open large angle, and will not be affected by the surrounding space, so that we can conveniently fetch and put articles. In addition to this, the personage inside course of study also suggested that consumers, in the selection of bathroom cabinet styles, must guarantee the water outlet pipe maintenance and the valve opening, so as to avoid the maintenance and overhaul left to future unnecessary trouble.
As living conditions improve, people pay more and more attention to the bathroom decoration, bathroom cabinet appearance exquisite bathroom visual has gradually become a major bright spot, to attract consumers eyeball. But in daily life, scattered toiletries emissions, often very easy to cause the space scattered, so how to choose the bathroom cabinet has gradually attracted people's attention.