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Is the mop pooling a balcony or a toilet?

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Many people want to have a mop pool in the bathroom or balcony, wash mop, shoes etc.; but is a mop pool space, some are not suitable for families, and do not wash the mop every day, the pool may become impractical; what kind of family for a mop pool?
1, your home has a more spacious balcony, or toilet;
2, there is a habit of direct flushing the mop, or it would be uncomfortable to pour dirty water into the toilet.
3, I feel that washing shoes, Mats and so on in the pool is better.
4, for practical attention to more than beauty, can accept the mop pool pull low toilet force the fact.
The above three can be seen as if you want and need a mop pool. Let's say that the mop pool is a balcony or a toilet.
This according to the actual situation, if your home balcony neither water nor water, it is best placed in the bathroom; because you need to go back to a water pipe, not only will spend some money, but also raise the ground height of construction (pipe 5cm, 2cm, and on the lower storey brick); if you but what of the ceiling is not appropriate;
If you have a pipe on your balcony, and the washing machine is on the balcony, the mop pool needs to share a floor drain with the washing machine, and you need a three link. There may be a problem of floor drain sharing in the toilet, which needs to be designed when the hydropower is changed.