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Each type bathtub display space clever design

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In order to better enjoy the bath time, many people will be home bathroom space partition. Designers recommendations, bathroom space in the 10 square meters, can be dry area, if less than 10 square meters, we recommend the use of glass partition or the whole bathroom toilet partition to a more reasonable design.

Generally rectangular tub occupy more space, select the first look to the bathroom can not put down,of course, normally this bathroom space can do dry wet partition, so can not considering the influence of the moisture, but in the selection of the same size bathtubs, its depth, width, length and the contour is not the same. If you like the depth of the water, then the waste outlet position should be higher; if the water level is too low, once more than this height, the water will be from the sewage outfall to drain, bath depth is difficult to achieve the required depth. If the elderly or the baby home, it is best not to choose too deep or too big bathtub.

At the same time, bath and no skirt, skirt and bilateral side skirts, buy must pay attention to the direction of the skirt. According to the water outlet and the wall position, the left or right dress skirt.Otherwise, if the wrong choice will bring great trouble to install.

Market bath material generally: Akley (acrylic) bathtub, steel bathtub, cast iron bathtub, ceramicbathtubs and cask bath. At present, acrylic plastic tubs become mainstream products in the market, itwill not rust, will not be eroded and is very light, the bathtub is composed of a sheet material is made,the following is usually glass fiber, with the method of vacuum treatment, the thickness of 3mm to 10mm, the utility model has the advantages of warm touch, can keep a long time to watertemperature, and easy to wipe clean. In addition, the expert reminds, material quality and thickness in relation to the bathtub firmness, light relies on visual inspection is to look not to come out, need topress, stepped on, such as a sinking feeling that the hardness is not enough.